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List Manager is the module of the "Integrated Network Services Manager" system which enables the creation and management of distribution mailing lists.

Lists can be created by administrators authorized to access the management interface of Mail dominions (Mailbox/Manager), as long as they are supervisors or privileged. Non-privileged administrators are excluded.

The system permits definition of mailing lists with the same name but belonging to different domains, on the same server. This function proves to be particularly interesting for the definition of organizational lists which may have the same name but belong to different institutes. For example, for each institute a list personnel@domain can be defined which corresponds to all personnel connected with the Institute.

The web interface of configuration and control permits definition of the most important and classical parameters of list configuration such as:

  • owner address
  • reply-to address, where replies to messages originating from the list are sent
  • moderator's address (in the case of a moderated list)
  • closed/open list
  • controls on the authorizations to carry out operations on the list (subscribe/unsubscribe/request member list)
  • automatic saving of an attachment sent to the list and its substitution with a reference URL
  • setting limits on the maximum dimensions of a message

Lists can be managed with the classic commands subscribe/unsubscribe/etc. contained in messages sent to the address namelist-request@domain.

Integration with LDAP servers

The system offers extreme efficiency in managing the distribution lists, by interrogating an LDAP server. The resulting advantages, especially for an organization's internal lists, are truly notable in terms of simplicity and flexibility of management. For example, by consulting an LDAP server which manages the Institute personnel, one can dynamically define lists for categories of users such as technicians@domain, researchers@domain, grant
recipients @domain