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The Open VMS Operating System



Why choose OpenVMS, when we always hear about Windows and Unix?

The potentials of using OpenVMS system are absolutely equivalent to those of the Unix and Windows systems, with the notable advantage of its being one of the most secure and least attacked and vulnerable systems to be found on the Internet today.

Managing network services in the OpenVMS environment signifies reducing the recurring security problems typical of other platforms, and compatibility between different versions of software.

For example, in the list of "Affected Systems" of the recent warning "Advisory CA-2002-18 OpenSSH Vulnerabilities in Challenge Response Handling" published by CERT   CERT   we find:

MultiNet,TCPware, and SSH for OpenVMS are not affected by the problems outlined in this advisory.



In large organizations, the considerable time spent by administrators in applying patches, together with any service problems such as a service's unavailability for SW updates can provoke enormous economic damage.

Stable and extremely easy to manage, the OpenVMS system offers a high level of scalability thanks to the consolidated clustering technology, which permits effective load balancing.


Software and technologies in the public domain

Leading software available on OpenVMS include:

-          HTTP server Apache

-          JAVA, JAVA SDK

-          Tomcat

-          Mozilla

-          SOAP Toolkit

-          COM

-          OpenSSL

-          BIND (ultima release 9.2)

-          PHP

-          Perl

-          Python


The porting of the OpenVMS system on the Intel platform (ITANIUM) is in progress.