The AUTOGEN command procedure (SYS$UPDATE:AUTOGEN.COM) sets
    appropriate values for system parameters and sizes for system
    page, swap, and dump files. AUTOGEN runs automatically when you
    install or upgrade the operating system.

    In addition, you can use AUTOGEN to reset system parameter
    values, system file sizes, or both. The new values and file sizes
    take effect the next time the system is booted.

    HP recommends that you run AUTOGEN on a weekly basis to
    adjust system parameters according to your system's work load.

    AUTOGEN executes in phases, with each phase performing a separate
    task. You control which tasks AUTOGEN performs by specifying a
    start phase and an end phase when you invoke AUTOGEN.

    You can add commands to the file SYS$SYSTEM:MODPARAMS.DAT to
    control the system parameter values and file sizes that AUTOGEN
    sets. AUTOGEN uses the information in this file to determine
    final values for system parameters or page, swap or dump file

    AUTOGEN can improve system performance by using dynamic
    information, called feedback, which is gathered from the running


       When making major configuration changes, do not use
       feedback. Specify nofeedback to assure the use of the
       initial AUTOGEN settings.

    You control how AUTOGEN uses feedback by specifying an execution
    mode when you invoke AUTOGEN. To direct AUTOGEN to use feedback
    to make its calculations, run AUTOGEN in feedback mode. After
    a period of time, you can execute AUTOGEN in feedback mode to
    further refine system parameter settings.
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