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    The COPY/RECORDABLE_MEDIA (CDDVD) Utility allows users to create
    Compact Disk (CD) and Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) media directly
    on OpenVMS, using an optional optical disk recorder.

    CDDVD generates ISO/IEC 10149 Mode 1 (2048-byte blocks, data)
    single-session optical media recordings.

    CDDVD supports the recording of various optical media formats,
    including CD Recordable (CD-R), CD Rewritable (CD-RW), DVD
    Recordable (DVD+R) and DVD Rewritable (DVD+RW) formats. For a
    successful recording operation, one or more of these formats must
    be available within the target optical disk recording device.
    Compatible recording media must also be loaded into the recording
Additional Information: explode extract
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