VMS Help  —  CRTL
    The complete HP C Run-Time Library (C RTL) needed for use with
    the HP C compiler is distributed with the OpenVMS operating
    system, which runs on Alpha, and Intel[R] Itanium[R] processors.
    HP OpenVMS Industry Standard 64 for Integrity Servers is the full
    product name of the OpenVMS operating system on Intel Itanium

    The C RTL provides routines to perform input/output, character
    and string handling, mathematical computations, memory
    allocation, error detection, subprocess creation, system access,
    and emulation of selected UNIX[R] features. These routines are
    provided both in shared image and object module library form.

    The C RTL contains XPG4-compliant internationalization support,
    providing functions to help you develop software that can run in
    different languages and cultures.

    This online help describes the C RTL routines available with this
    version of the OpenVMS Alpha system.

    For help on the socket routines used for writing Internet
    application programs for the TCP/IP Services protocol, use the

    $ HELP TCPIP_Services Programming_Interfaces Sockets_API

    Also see the "HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS" product
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Feature-Test Macros Feature Logical Names
a64l abort abs access acos acosh
[w]addch [w]addstr
alarm asctime asin asinh assert atan atan2 atanh atexit atof atoi,atol atoq,atoll
basename bcmp bcopy box brk bsearch btowc bzero
cabs cacos cacosh calloc carg casin casinh catan catanh catclose catgets catopen cbrt ccos ccosh ceil cexp cfree chdir chmod chown cimag
clearerr clearerr_unlocked clearok clock clock_getres clock_gettime clock_settime clog close closedir
[w]clrattr [w]clrtobot [w]clrtoeol
confstr conj copysign cos cosh cot cpow cproj creal creat
crypt csin csqrt ctan ctanh ctermid ctime cuserid
decc$feature_get decc$feature_get_index decc$feature_get_name decc$feature_get_value decc$feature_set decc$feature_set_value decc$feature_show decc$feature_show_all decc$fix_time decc$from_vms decc$match_wild decc$record_read decc$record_write decc$set_child_default_dir decc$set_child_standard_streams decc$set_reentrancy decc$to_vms decc$translate_vms decc$validate_wchar decc$write_eof_to_mbx
delwin difftime dirname div dlclose dlerror dlopen dlsym drand48 dup,dup2
ecvt encrypt endgrent endpwent endwin erand48
erf execl execle execlp execv execve execvp exit,_exit exp exp2
fabs fchmod fchown fclose fcntl fcvt fdim fdopen feof feof_unlocked ferror ferror_unlocked fflush ffs fgetc fgetc_unlocked fgetname fgetpos fgets fgetwc fgetws fileno finite flockfile floor fma fmax fmin fmod fopen fp_class fpathconf fprintf fputc fputc_unlocked fputs fputwc fputws fread free freopen frexp fscanf fseek fseeko fsetpos fstat fstatvfs fsync ftell ftello ftime ftok ftruncate ftrylockfile ftw funlockfile fwait fwide fwprintf fwrite fwscanf
gcvt getc getc_unlocked
getchar getchar_unlocked getclock getcwd getdtablesize getegid getenv geteuid getgid getgrent getgrgid getgrgid_r getgrnam getgrnam_r getgroups getitimer getlogin getname getopt getpagesize getpgid getpgrp getpid getppid getpwent getpwnam getpwuid gets getsid
gettimeofday getuid getw getwc getwchar getyx glob globfree gmtime gsignal
iconv iconv_close iconv_open ilogb
index initscr initstate
[w]insch [w]insertln [w]insstr
isalnum isalpha isapipe isascii isatty iscntrl isdigit isgraph islower isnan isprint ispunct isspace isupper iswalnum iswalpha iswcntrl iswctype iswdigit iswgraph iswlower iswprint iswpunct iswspace iswupper iswxdigit isxdigit
j0,j1,jn jrand48
l64a labs lchown lcong48 ldexp ldiv leaveok lgamma link localeconv localtime log,log2,log10 log1p logb longjmp longname lrand48 lrint lround lseek lstat lwait
malloc mblen mbrlen mbrtowc mbstowcs mbtowc mbsinit mbsrtowcs memccpy memchr memcmp memcpy memmove memset mkdir mkstemp mktemp mktime mmap modf
mprotect mrand48 msync munmap mv[w]addch mv[w]addstr mvcur mv[w]delch mv[w]getch mv[w]getstr mv[w]inch mv[w]insch mv[w]insstr mvwin
nanosleep newwin nextafter nexttoward nice nint
nl_langinfo nrand48
open opendir overlay overwrite
pathconf pause pclose perror pipe poll popen pow pread printf
putc putc_unlocked putchar putchar_unlocked putenv puts putw putwc putwchar pwrite
qabs,llabs qdiv,lldiv qsort
raise rand random
read readdir readlink readv realloc realpath
remainder remquo remove rename rewind rewinddir rindex rint rmdir
sbrk scalb scanf
scroll scrollok seed48 seekdir sem_close semctl sem_destroy semget sem_getvalue sem_init sem_open semop sem_post sem_timedwait sem_trywait sem_unlink sem_wait
setbuf setenv seteuid setgid setgrent setitimer setjmp setkey setlocale setpgid setpgrp setpwent setregid setreuid setsid setstate setuid setvbuf shm_open shm_unlink sigaction sigaddset sigblock sigdelset sigemptyset sigfillset sighold sigignore sigismember siglongjmp sigmask signal sigpause sigpending sigprocmask sigrelse sigsetjmp sigsetmask sigsuspend sigtimedwait sigvec sigwait sigwaitinfo sin sinh sleep snprintf sprintf sqrt srand srand48 srandom sscanf ssignal
[w]standend [w]standout
stat statvfs strcasecmp strcat strchr strcmp strcoll strcpy strcspn strdup strerror strfmon strftime strlen strncasecmp strncat strncmp strncpy strnlen strpbrk strptime strrchr strsep strspn strstr strtod strtok strtol strtoq,strtoll strtoul strtouq,strtoull strxfrm subwin swab swprintf swscanf symlink sysconf system
tan tanh telldir tempnam tgamma time times tmpfile tmpnam toascii tolower
touchwin toupper
towctrans towlower towupper trunc truncate ttyname tzset
ualarm umask uname ungetc ungetwc unlink unordered unsetenv usleep utime utimes
va_arg va_count va_end va_start[_1] vfork vfprintf vfscanf vfwprintf vfwscanf vprintf vscanf vsnprintf vsprintf vsscanf vswprintf vswscanf vwprintf vwscanf
wait wait3 wait4 waitpid wcrtomb wcscat wcschr wcscmp wcscoll wcscpy wcscspn wcsftime wcslen wcsncat wcsncmp wcsncpy wcspbrk wcsrchr wcsrtombs wcsspn wcsstr wcstod wcstok wcstol wcstombs wcstoul wcswcs wcswidth wcsxfrm wctob wctomb wctrans wctype wcwidth wmemchr wmemcmp wmemcpy wmemmove wmemset wprintf wrapok write writev wscanf
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