VMS Help  —  JAVA
    The JAVA command launches a Java[TM] application. It executes
    Java classfiles created by a Java compiler such as JAVAC.

    The JAVA command is available only if the Java Software
    Development Kit (SDK) or Run-Time Environment (RTE) is installed
    on your OpenVMS system.

    You can find the Java SDK installation kit on the OpenVMS e-
    Business Infrastructure CD-ROM in the OpenVMS media kit or you
    can download it from the web:


    Once the Java SDK or RTE is installed, you can access online help
    by entering this command:

    $ JAVA -help

    If the SDK documentation is installed on your OpenVMS system,
    you can use your browser to view documentation for the SDK tools
    (commands) and other reference material. For example, for the
    Java SDK v 1.4.0, point your browser to the following location:

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