VMS Help  —  LATCP
    The LAT Control Program (LATCP) is a utility program used for
    configuring and controlling the LAT software on OpenVMS systems.

    You can invoke LATCP by entering the following command (TMPMBX
    privilege is required):


    At the LATCP> prompt, you can enter LATCP commands, including

    You can also execute a single LATCP command by using a DCL
    string assignment statement. For example, the following string
    assignment and subsequent DCL command allow you to execute the
    LATCP SET NODE command from the DCL command line:

    $ LCP :== $LATCP

    Use LATCP to do the following:

    o  Specify operational characteristics for your OpenVMS node and
       its services

    o  Turn the state of the LAT port driver (LTDRIVER) on and off

    o  Display the status of LAT services and service nodes in the

    o  Display the status of links created on your LAT node

    o  Display the status of your LAT node

    o  Show and zero LAT counters

    o  Create, delete, and manage LAT ports

    o  Recall previously entered LATCP commands so that you can
       execute them again without having to retype them

    o  Create subprocesses so that you can execute DCL commands
       without exiting from LATCP
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