VMS Help  —  MIME
    The OpenVMS MIME utility is a standalone, user-mode, nonprivileged
    utility that allows users to read and compose MIME encoded messages.
    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) encodes multiple file
    and media types such as JPEG images, documents, audio, and plain text.

    A MIME-encoded message can be sent using various mail utilities and
    networks without losing its original content. The received MIME
    message is read, allowing message parts to be extracted into files
    or to be viewed by the appropriate viewer or application.

    MIME messages sent or received using VMSMAIL must be extracted
    before they can be read and interpreted by the OpenVMS MIME utility.

    Detailed help is included inside the MIME utility. If MIME is
    not already working at your DCL prompt, put the following line
    into your LOGIN.COM file:

           $ MIME :== $SYS$SYSTEM:MIME.EXE

    Exit the LOGIN.COM file and enter @LOGIN. When this command
    completes, you can invoke the MIME utility by entering MIME
    at the DCL prompt:

           $ MIME
           MIME> HELP
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