VMS Help  —  Privilege
    Your set of privileges affects the system resources and system
    functions you are allowed to use. The following table describes
    privileges and their functions:

    ACNT      Create a process for which no accounting is performed.
    ALL       Allow all privileges.
    ALLSPOOL  Allocate spooled devices.
    ALTPRI    Increase the base execution priority for any process.
    BUGCHK    Make bugcheck error log entries.
    BYPASS    Access resources without regard to UIC protection.
    CMEXEC    Change mode to Executive.
    CMKRNL    Change mode to Kernel.
    DETACH    Create detached processes.
    DIAGNOSE  Issue diagnostic I/O requests.
    EXQUOTA   Exceed resource quotas.
    GROUP     Control execution of other processes in the same group.
    GRPNAM    Enter names in the group logical name table.
    GRPPRV    Allow access to files in the group and system
    LOG_IO    Issue logical I/O requests.
    MOUNT     Issue mount volume I/O requests.
    NETMBX    Create a network device.
    OPER      Perform system operator functions.
    PFNMAP    Create or delete sections mapped by page frame.
    PHY_IO    Issue physical I/O requests.
    PRMCEB    Create permanent common event flag clusters.
    PRMGBL    Create permanent global clusters.
    PRMMBX    Create permanent mailbox devices.
    PSWAPM    Change process swap mode.
    READALL   Bypass restrictions otherwise preventing process from
              reading a file.
    SECURITY  Perform security-related functions.
    SETPRV    Grant a process any privilege.
    SHARE     Assign a channel to a device.
    SHMEM     Create or delete data structures in shared memory.
    SYSGBL    Create system global sections.
    SYSLCK    Request locks on system resources.
    SYSNAM    Enter names in the system logical name table.
    SYSPRV    Access resources as if the process has a system UIC.
    TMPMBX    Create temporary mailbox devices.
    VOLPRO    Override protection on a volume.
    WORLD     Control the execution of any process on the system.
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