VMS Help  —  RCP
    Copies files between internet hosts. Enter the RCP command at the
    DCL prompt. You can copy files as follows:

    o  From a remote host to your host

    o  From your host to a remote host

    o  From one remote host to another remote host

    You can specify qualifiers in either DCL format or UNIX format,
    but do not mix both types on the same command line.

    DCL Format

      RCP  [qualifier(s)[...]] source_file destination_file

           [/[NO]LOG ]

           [ /PASSWORD[=password] ]

           [ /[NO]PRESERVE ]

           [ /[NO]RECURSIVE ]

           [ /TRUNCATE_USER_NAME[=n] ]

    UNIX Format

      rcp  [ -p ] [ -r ] /[source_file] /[destination_file]

      This format is valid only on UNIX systems.
Additional Information: explode extract
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