VMS Help  —  RSH
    Sends a command to a remote host for execution, including a
    command that invokes a remote shell script or remote command
    procedure. Any command recognized by the remote host is valid.
    When using the RSH command, consider the following:

    o  If you omit a command for remote execution, RSH initiates a
       remote login session (see the RLOGIN command).

    o  If you specify the /PASSWORD qualifier, with or without a
       value, RSH executes the REXEC facility.

    DCL Format

      RSH  host [/EIGHTBIT ] [ remote_command ]

           [ /ESCAPE_CHARACTER=character ]

           [ /LOG_FILE=file ]

           [ /[NO]LOWERCASE ]

           [ /PASSWORD[=password] ]

           [ /[NO]SYSERROR ]

           [ /TERMINAL_SPEED=n ]

           [ /TERMINAL_TYPE=type ]

           [ /TRUNCATE_USER_NAME ]

           [ /USER_NAME=remote_user_name ]

    UNIX Format

      rsh  host [ -l remote_user_name ] [ remote_command ]
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