VMS Help  —  SAS Controller
    The SAS utility (SAS$UTIL) is supported on I64 systems only.

    The SAS utility is an OpenVMS system management and diagnostic
    tool that is capable of configuring Integrated RAID (IR)
    functionality for the HP 8 Internal Port Serial Attached SCSI
    Host Bus Adapter (SAS Controller).

    Integrated RAID (IR) is used where extra performance, storage
    capacity, or redundancy of a RAID configuration, or all three,
    are required.  OpenVMS Version 8.3 supports Integrated RAID 1 or
    Integrated Mirroring (IM) and its associated Global Hot Spare

    Each SAS Controller can have a single Global Hot Spare disk available
    to both IM volumes, making them even more fault-tolerant. The Global
    Hot Spare disk automatically replaces a failed IM disk. When the
    failed disk is replaced in the same physical location, the new disk
    automatically becomes the new hot spare disk.

     OpenVMS Version 8.3 supports only internal (direct-attached) SAS

    You must have SYSPRIV privilege to run the SAS utility.

    To invoke SAS utility, enter the following command at the DCL prompt:


    The SAS utility returns the following prompt:


    You can enter SAS commands using the standard rules of DCL syntax.
    Enter Help after the SAS> prompt to obtain help on SAS commands.

    To exit the SAS utility and return to the DCL prompt, enter the
    EXIT command after the SAS> prompt or press Ctrl/Z.
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