VMS Help  —  STOP
    Terminates execution of a command, an image, a command procedure,
    a command procedure that was interrupted by a Ctrl/Y function, or
    a detached process or subprocess.

    Requires GROUP privilege to stop other processes in the same
    group. Requires WORLD privilege to stop processes outside your


      STOP  [process-name]

    The STOP command performs entirely different functions when used
    with certain qualifiers as follows:

    STOP Qualifier(s)      Function

    /CPU                   Stops the specified secondary processor
                           or processors (and any associated vector
                           processors) in an OpenVMS multiprocessing

    /NETWORK               Stops the specified network service on the
                           local node.

    /QUEUE                 Causes the specified execution queue to

    /QUEUE/ABORT           Aborts a job that is printing or
                           processing on an output queue, deletes
                           it from the queue, and begins processing
                           the first pending job in the queue.

    /QUEUE/ENTRY           Aborts one or more jobs that are executing
                           on a batch queue or printing on an output
                           queue, deletes them from the queue, and
                           begins processing the first pending job in
                           the queue.

    /QUEUE/MANAGER/CLUSTER Stops the queue manager throughout the
                           OpenVMS Cluster.

    /QUEUE/NEXT            Stops the specified queue after all
                           executing jobs have completed processing.

    /QUEUE/REQUEUE         Stops the current jobs on the specified
                           queue and requeues them for later

    /QUEUE/RESET           Abruptly stops the queue and returns
                           control to the system.

    /QUEUES/ON_NODE        Stops all queues on the specified node.

    /ZONE                  Removes a zone from the VAXft series
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