The OpenVMS System Management (SYSMAN) utility centralizes the
    management of nodes and cluster environments. To avoid requiring
    users to log in to individual nodes and repeat a set of management
    tasks, SYSMAN allows users to define a management environment to be
    a particular node, a group of nodes, or a cluster environment.  With
    a management environment defined, users can perform system management
    tasks from a local node. SYSMAN executes these tasks on all nodes in
    the target environment.

    Managing a system with SYSMAN is similar to the traditional management
    of an individual system because SYSMAN uses many of the same software
    tools.  SYSMAN can process most DCL commands, including MOUNT, DEFINE,
    INITIALIZE, SET, and SHOW. It can also execute many OpenVMS system
    management utilities and command procedures such as AUTHORIZE, AUTOGEN,
    and INSTALL.

    More online help is available from the SYSMAN utility.  To invoke
    SYSMAN, enter the following command in response to the DCL prompt:


    The utility responds with the prompt:


    After you invoke SYSMAN, you can enter HELP or any of the SYSMAN
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