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    Invokes the CDA Viewer, which has a character-cell interface for
    viewing text files and an DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS interface
    for viewing compound documents and files containing graphics,
    images, and tabular data.


       The DEC CDA Base Services for DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
       must be installed to use new versions of the CDA Viewer and
       DEC CDA Base Services converters.

    Specify the input file name and format as shown below. The
    default input file format is DDIF (DIGITAL Document Interchange
    Format). DDIF is a standard format for the storage and
    interchange of compound documents, which can include text,
    graphics, and images.

    DDIF is the format in which the CDA Viewer displays all input
    files. When the CDA Viewer processes a non-DDIF file for display,
    it invokes the converter for the input file format you specify.
    The input file is converted to DDIF, and the resulting output is

    The CDA Viewer displays file formats supported by converters
    installed with the DEC CDA Base Services for DECwindows Motif
    for OpenVMS: text, DDIF, and DTIF. PostScript files are no
    longer supported. HP's CDA Converter Library provides additional
    converters that support display of other popular file formats. If
    you have the CDA Converter Library Version 2.2 or later installed
    on your system, see HELP CDA_Converters for more information.


      VIEW  [input-file]
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